Clockjack Oven: Design Review

Clockjack Oven

Photos courtesy of Imaging Essence

Over the last year or so London has gone chicken crazy! From Chicken Shop to Chooks and Tramshed the trend for chicken shows no sign of abating. The latest addition is Soho’s Clockjack Oven, a small rotisserie restaurant just off Piccadilly Circus.

The interior is simply styled with on-trend exposed brickwork, chunky oak furniture and a shuttered concrete bar counter. The space is long and thin, a sharing table set in front of a stencilled concrete-clad wall provides a nice place for groups and joins onto the bar counter where you can dine in front of the rotisserie grill. The glass fronted oven provides a nice bit of food theatre as well as an interesting focal point. A suspended red ceiling beams supports a row of pendants which runs most of the length of the space and unites the sharing table and bar counter. Along the opposite wall is a high level banquette with high tables and stools and a couple of four person tables towards the front. Although simple there are some nice details within the design like the original 1940’s wall lights from a German war ship which not only look great but are effective in casting a nice quality of light onto the adjacent table tops. Little pot plants and beautiful rustic crockery dress the tables nicely.

The weakest part of the design is the shopfront. A flat, black fascia with white and grey stencilled signage looks a little basic although there is some nice vinyl lettering in the window which adds interest. It’s a pity the shopfront doesn’t do the interior justice and the relatively small window means it’s a little difficult to see what’s going on inside.

On the whole though a really nice design, a warm, friendly atmosphere, oh and some tasty chicken too!

Thanks to Debbie Jones from Imaging Essence for the beautiful photographs. Imaging Essence specialise in food photography and you can see more of their work here.


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The Corinthia London: Design Review

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to be given a full tour of the stunning Corinthia Hotel London. I can’t possibly write about all the wonderful things I saw so I’m going to give you the highlights and try and keep it brief!

Corinthia Hotel

The Corinthia prides itself on its relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere (you’d have no problem wandering around in a pair of flip-flops) and yet maintains a refined ambience. With all the luxury you’d expect from a five star hotel (and a good deal more style than most) it’s a favourite among celebrities and guests looking for the quality of a classic London hotel without the stuffiness.

Interiors are stunning. No expense has been spared and materials, furniture, finishes are all of the highest quality. Opulent finishes like marble and glossy lacquer panelling create a highly luxurious feel but are tasteful and not at all ostentatious. A neutral colour palette of beiges and greys is brought to life with bright accents of yellows, greens and blues and timeless furniture pieces.

Massimo’s is one of the restaurants within the Corinthia was designed by David Collins Studio and is, frankly, magnificent. Inspired by Victorian architecture and classic Italian styling it uses a formal layout constructed around large striped columns and a palette of rich finishes to create a feeling of grandeur and elegance. In spite of this the atmosphere remains informal. Attention to detail is crucial in creating luxury interiors, I personally love the brass trims to the white marble tables in the bar area and the little wall lights reminiscent of an old Victorian train carriage.

The Hamilton Penthouse was named after the lover of Lord Nelson – Lady Hamilton – because of the fantastic view of Nelson’s Column from the terrace. It’s feminine and glamourous and the restrained white and cream colour palette, sparkling mirrors, sumptuous leather and beautiful marble make it a favourite with female celebrities.

The Espa Life Spa is, for me, the star of the Corinthia show. It’s glamourous, elegant, theatrical and above all sexy! Spread over four floors the ambience gradually changes from light, bright and airy to dark and moody as you descend. A colour palette of black and white paired with smooth marble and glossy lacquer creates a contemporary and dramatic space whilst curved forms and warming fireplaces create a gentle, cocooning feel. Deep within the spa the exquisite pool, with its mirror polished finish, its stunning black marble floor to ceiling cladding and its low level mood lighting, is the pièce de résistance of the entire hotel.

So there you have it, I failed to keep it brief but I’ve really only scratched the surface. As you may have guessed I love this hotel, I think it’s a brilliant example of a modern luxury hotel; it’s not trying to be clever or trendy but succeeds in blending uncompromising luxury with a refreshingly relaxed atmosphere to create something quite special.

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The Naughtiest Vegan Bakes in Town

While we’ve not had a chance to look at this book yet, the prospect is very exciting. We’ve tasted a number of the delicious creations that Ms Cupcake has on offer and the chance to learn some of the secrets involved will be an opportunity too good to miss!

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